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Proud Boys did not plan an insurrection!

Proud Boys Plans on J6!! from David Valentine on Vimeo. [...]

We cannot allow this to go on any longer

Please let Dawn Moody know if you can attend this event.  Go to this event [...]

The United States became a corporation in 1871!

We The People demand to go back to our original Constitutution! Click on the image [...]

EVIDENCE that implicates Speaker Nancy Pelosi!

We need to get to the bottom of this! We already know the truth.Lets get [...]

SHAME ON YOU USAA! Every member of USAA received a message from the CEO of USAA. What he [...]

Please sign the impeach Biden petition [...]

United States Marine Corp 247th Birthday Celebration

Live from the DC Gulag You are not forgotten J6 POW’S James McGrew Daniel Caldwell [...]

Voter Complications

Voters in Mercer County, New Jersey, are facing a “county-wide system outage” in their election [...]