Jeffrey Sabol Message to the J6 judiciary committee!

To: Jim Jordan, Chair of the Judiciary Committee

All Members of the Judiciary Committee

From: U.S. Citizens for the release of the January 6 detainees.

Subject: Testimony of Jeffrey Sabol, 53 year-old geophysicist from Colorado, recounting of his last two years incarcerated by political correctness.

This is a discussion of the abuses that have been going on or continue to go on in the DC Jail as attested by Jeffrey Sabol of which Congress has oversight.

Physical Abuses 

· Ryan Samsel, he was beaten by two officers because he was asking for toilet paper and, in the process, he lost an eye.

· Dan Caldwell, on Veterans Day 2021, was chased by an officer and was maced and he ended up in the hospital.

· Jake Lang was punched by an officer for singing the National Anthem and, in a separate situation, he was also maced in his cell even though he was doing nothing in his cell.

· Ronald McAbee was maced for not wearing a mask while he was in line to get medication.

· Scott Fairlamb was threatened by an officer for singing the National Anthem.

· Jon Mellis was also threatened by an officer in his cell.

Mental Abuses

We’ve got solitary confinement for months and months and months. Just imagine living in your bathroom which is seven feet by 11 feet in size, and you get out of your bathroom for half an hour a day to shower and make a call.  After six months then we finally got out for an hour so that’s solitary confinement, and then that’s been hit or miss ever since that that has changed for one hour.

Sleep Deprivation 

We got COs that have rapped on the doors throughout the night to keep us up; they turn the cell lights on and off; they’ve got flashlights in their faces while we’re trying to sleep.  Also they’ve got the big main door here that they slam as they’re coming in and out; that’s a 200-pound door; it was much, much worse and it’s better now.

Tainted Food

We’ve got chemicals in the food – pepper spray that they use as a hot sauce in the food; you can taste the chemicals.  That’s always an interesting one. Sometimes we get rotten food. I’ve had black fuzzy mold on my potatoes and carrots, and people have found worms in the lettuce, pubic hair in the food, not to mention what we don’t know of so you know we’ve got nothing going for us.

Human Dignity 

Received no haircuts, no shaving for a year, no visitation for two years, and no video calls. Note: As of January 9, in-person visitation was allowed thanks to the investigation by Representative Troy Nehls.

Legal Abuses by the DC Jail

Let’s start with no religious services for two years that’s discrimination.

We’ve got the Legal Law Library where we have files and legal cases that have simply been removed; people have brought this up in their in their hearings and then all of a sudden, the information is back on the law library.

Secure Access to lawyers– We do not have access to lawyers on our phone via a secure line, we did for a while but now that’s gone away.

Secure Access to legal correspondence – the jail also would hold legal mail for months and months. I personally had a piece of legal mail that took three months to get to me and they held a hard drive with a thumb drive with my Discovery; then we have missed court dates. I, was pulled down to R&D (receiving and discharge) where I waited for four hours and then they finally brought me back up to my cell; I never even made it to court.

Legal Abuse by the prosecution

Any new videos that have been added to such as new CCTV or body cam video, is not identifiable to us. These are mixed with the thousands of other videos, so to try and find any new video is like trying to find a needle in the haystack, again, this is harassment.  We personally have access to, that’s the CCTV and the body cam stuff, but we do not have access to or another one (unknown at the time of the recording). This is where all the other personal videos are that we simply don’t have access to, so we’re denied access to our Discovery; this is a due process violation which brings us to

Legal Abuse is done by the courts – withholding due process 

The fifth and the 14th Amendments both say “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, and property without due process of law,” so we need due process.

Also, the Sixth Amendment says that in all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial by an impartial jury – emphasis on speedy trial and emphasis on an impartial jury.

Also, the 14th Amendment says that no person shall be denied equal protection under the law; so we’ve got the fifth, 16th, and 14th Amendment.

· Number one – when I was brought to the DC jail, there was no extradition hearing this is me personally, no extradition hearing whatsoever so this is a fifth and 14th Amendment violations from the due process.

· Number two – Antifa and BLM – if arrested, all charges have historically been dropped or charges dramatically reduced, and then once in court, they get a deferred sentence or basically known as probation, that’s a 14th Amendment violation for no equal protection under the law, this is also called prosecutorial misconduct.

· Number three – the Sixth Amendment says impartial jury.  Our [J6 defendants] grand jury indictments were from a DC-based grand jury where ninety percent of the population here in DC is Democrat and majority of them work for the swamp; note that court case Turner v. Fouche, 396 U.S 346 from 1970 says, “substantial underrepresentation of a group constitutes a constitutional violation in Grand Jury selections if it results from purposeful discrimination.”  So how many Republicans do you think were in our grand juries?  Republicans were obviously substantially underrepresented.  Also do you really think that our grand juries were impartial juries?  Think about it, six Amendment violations right there and not even getting to my personal situation in which my original indictment says that I was impeding law enforcement officers from helping a trample victim i.e. Roseanne Boyland, which we now all know that they were trained to help her; that was Lila Morris beating her to death. Then is it possible that maybe the prosecution misled the biased grand jury just a bit. By the way, he personally that part about me impeding the police from helping the trample victims, that was removed in my next indictment, mysteriously.

· Finally, the Sixth Amendment says that I am entitled to a speedy trial which according to law means 70 to 100 days from my indictment. My trial is set for September of this year (2023) that puts me at about a thousand days, not a hundred, a thousand days for my indictment.  Note, judges have been pushing our trials back because of Covid or because of the large amount of evidence that needs to be gone through. This was pushed back “in the interest of justice” but, what about our Constitution, what about my Constitutional right to a speedy trial; note, there is case law that says that the pandemic does not negate the Constitution, specifically a C court case Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn versus Cuomo where it says, “ Even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten” also the same case says “our constitutional standards should apply during our pandemic” and that my friends is my list of abuses.

God bless you all and God bless America.

Original recording by Freedom Express Media YouTubeon January 25, 2023 ( Edited for clarification as the transcription machine in some places did not capture words precisely. Edits made by Debbie Ash.