Monthly Archives: February 2023

James McGrew- A Letter to America

James McGrew – Letter to America from Shane Jenkins on Vimeo.   Posted by Shane [...]

Eagle’s Nest Update- Gary McBride

Gary McBride M5News Updates on release of J6 Video’s Video Investigator, J6 SME- M5 INVESTIGATES [...]


A Message From Jon Mellis about Jeffrey Sabol Something weird is happening to Jeff Sabol. [...]

Freedom Voice with Andrew Taake

Andrew Taake talks to David & Tommy Tatum about his Medical Issues for the last [...]

Struggle Jennings remix – A short film by the 17th

Save our nation Lord we pray. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by [...]

2nd Anniversary of Jonathan Mellis’s arrest

On the 2nd Anniversary of Jon’s arrest his mother & sisters came to DC Vigil [...]

J6er Barry Ramey tells us his experience while at NNRJ

Sometimes we hear of horrific stories coming out of prisons. Here we will hear about [...]