Sean Mchugh Episode 2: Message to the J6 Judiciary Committee

Sean McHugh

January 6 Defendant Testimony_Episode 2

Hey everybody, I love you guys. I just want to thank you guys so much for being out there. I received some letters from Andrew Thomas. Before we get started, real quick, AJ and, hello Navy mom, Susan, sent me some photos of all you guys out there and it brought tears to my eyes, it was really touching, it just really got me outside of, outside of this world, that I’ve been stuck in here, and I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, it really means a lot. Sometimes I think about not even participating, or like you know, people don’t really care or they just think I’m some sort of person from all the crap they read online and stuff and it really brought me outside of this hell that I’ve been living in, and I really don’t have many pictures in here so if you guys send some pictures in here, it really means a lot to me it really takes me out of here and I just want to thank you guys so much I felt like I was out there with you guys. Ohio Navy mom’s watching right now so you want to give her one more personal thank you to make sure she hears you.

I just want to say thank you so much for sending the photos in and sending the letter in with all the, all the little quotes and words of encouragement, it really just brought me outside of this hell I’ve been living in and brought it here in my eye and it really just gave me a lot of love that I really needed so I really appreciate that thank you so much.  So back to back to business where what we’re doing here and I might need to call that I got a lot of stuff written down, I got a lot of grievances, and you know they’re all different reasons but good so I might just call back with another with another call after this but what we’re doing Kevin Kiley is my representative, so Kevin Kiley, if you hear this this is my message to you get me in front of Jim Jordan in the Judiciary Committee and we can get down to a lot of the systemic problems that we face here in the DC jail and that others before us have been facing and we can get down to exposing Ray Epps too because I just found a video on him and I know exactly what they’re trying to hide now and so I really narrowed it down and we could go over the FBI interview that he gave and these videos that they’re trying to suppress, so I’m not going to give too much away on that but I will get into our treatment now, so Kevin Kiley, Jim Jordan listen up. I respect you guys but I need your ears please. I got to the DC jail July 21, 2021, and I was immediately discriminated by staff. It was Sergeant Proctor who told me that I needed to be on PC even though my paperwork said I was going to be put in regular, general population.  He said that I need to be put on PC so they segregated me from the general population while throwing me in general population so they would make me a target and it was Benavides and unk whatever you were the ones that told the rest of the population in South 2 that me and Alan Byerly were on PC and immediately we started getting piss and feces and semen cocktails thrown into our cell, so that’s through our Sally Port we call it – a tray slot – it doesn’t close so we had to hold our mattress up to our tray slot to stop from getting these cocktails thrown into our into our cell. We were able to talk to some of the inmates and let them know why we’re in there and what’s going on, and you know, that we support their client as well and that we’re not racist and all these things that they’ve been hearing from the guards about us, and so, but there were some that did not care to hear our story and they still want to establish they all had shanks in there.  They would make these shanks out of the fans that the staff provided them with and they didn’t care.  I mean the staff would give them drugs and to just let them walk around smoking and they’re high out of their mind and they want to kill us, so they literally tried to pop the doors and g,et us stabbed one time.  Actually, it was a couple times but this once, one instance we had to, Allen and I, had to stand our ground and get this guy back into the section he was supposed to be in, I think he was high out of his mind but the guard just stood there and was laughing and this guy exposed himself to me and said that he was going to rape me and the guards did not do anything about that and that was one of my first grievances I ever wrote and I talked to the case manager about it I talked to a lieutenant about it, I wrote grievances about it, you know this is a PREA a prison rape complaint you know on a sexual assault basically and they just brushed it under the rug in fact what they did is they sent me to the hole for making these types of complaints where they put you in solitary confinement, there’s cockroaches and mice running around, they put you in handcuffs and strip you naked and they sit there and watch you take showers and it’s really humiliating and so they let me know that if I speak out this is the type of treatment that I’m gonna get and so it was real shocking right off of the bat to walk into this type of situation it wasn’t in fact until six months later that they started investigating this PREA and all of these complaints to multiple people that I have documented that they started investigating and they found out the Marshals were coming, well these Marshals and Shoemaker, who is the security for DC CTF and basically DC DOC, he got on national television and said that the Marshals and he came to talk to us and that everything’s a-okay, that was two days before they even came into our unit, so the corruption in here runs deep, all the way up to the Marshals.  So now I get back over to or I get finally get over to CTF to C2B, well hold on, let me back up, so while CBF there was constant smoke and then fires in South 2 fights, shanks, and popped doors.  Okay, and then the cockroaches but we had bot fliesRodent bot fly (Cuterebra)for a while and they started infesting inmates, so that’s why cleanliness is really a big deal in here and we’ve fought hard to clean up our own cell. We had to abate our own pod over here but we had Doug Jensen, he had a botfly that embedded into his neck and so that’s how dirty it was; they’d come over on the mice and stuff and they would embed themselves into our bodies and try to lay eggs but so we got over here to CTF and that’s where I learned about Samsel who got zip tied and beat and got it and now he’s blind because he got beat with his flashlight, in one eye, he’s blind in one eye and he got beat with the flashlight — his orbital got fractured, he’s got major problems now and they’re not giving him the help that he needs.  I mean so and then shortly after that I watched Chris Worrell go through his medical treatment for cancer where they forged documents against him, they lied.  The jail was found in contempt from the Courts and, God bless him, he got out.  They poisoned our food the next day with chemicals, I don’t know what it was but none of us could eat the food, you know, so it’s retaliatory effects that take place in here all the time.  Corporal Jay Johnson told me that she hopes I get stabbed to death and that if she could she’d send me back to the other side so I would get beat and jumped, and she told me that I’m some leader of a racist movement and all this crap and so these are just quick little bullet points because I got a lot, you know, when we make these complaints about these PREAs they always talk about I don’t know why, but somebody in here, Jon Mellis he filed a PREA and he actually got.  I’ll let him explain it later, but he actually got a good response back, but I mean they always threaten us with these weird, weird types of things that they want to do to us and it’s really, yeah, pop our doors in the middle of the night and come in and threaten us, shake us down, they’ll flush our pills down the toilet, this happened to me. I’ve been targeted multiple times in here by this Jay Johnson, Lieutenant Moore who sprayed me the day that she sprayed (Brian) Mock, I was just coming out of the from using the phone and I was watching her chase Mock around and I was like, what’s going on? and they told me I need to go back to my cell, so I’m walking up the stairs, Mock comes running down, she comes running past him and sprays me while I’m going to my cell and it’s just this indiscriminate hate; this is a breeding ground for hate in here and it’s really apparent, and it’s really fueled by this wokism and these ladies that hate men in here, and I call them the Rainbow Mafia and it’s like Lieutenant Moore, Lancaster, we got who else here, Major Marr (?).  All right, well thanks for letting me follow up, I was so rudely interrupted. I wanted to touch back on, I was mentioning the Rainbow Mafia and the people that are responsible for most of the grievances in here and covering them up and the suppression, so I call the Rainbow Mafia basically [it] is the group of people in here that just really felt like what we came for, and these people are woke and their liberalism surpasses what their uniform is and there’s really a lack of Interest in getting any real resolution with these people and I’ll start with the case manager Nesbith (?) who I told about the issues that were going on over in South 2 and how my life was put danger by staff and I filled out a case management PREA for her that never went anywhere and so then we got Lieutenant Moore, and she was responsible for spraying Mock and I that day on 11/11/21, and then there’s Lieutenant Bruce, [there is] Major Marr, she basically runs cover in all the grievance processes, well she did, and she would cover up all the grievances that we’d file to cover up, she was a Corporal Diehl (?) she would cover up for Jay Johnson. Corporal Diehl (?) has made numerous threats to me coming into my cell saying that he was going to he was going to show me if he was gonna basically, you know, cause bodily harm to me that he put it on his ??? and he would come in and he would tear my mattress apart he’d put all my medication the down the toilet, he blocked me in my cell for weeks on end for not taking the Covid test. When I got a notice, it was a notice from Medical in January of 22, as you know the Covid tests are voluntary, you don’t have to take one, and that you will not be locked down – specifically it said that, you will not be locked down if you don’t want to take the Covid test.  So I don’t like to have things shoved up into my nose just for medical ?? you know, and so I didn’t do it.  Well, he locked me up in my cell for not taking the Covid test and while others were not locked in their cell for not taking the Covid test. I’d be able to notice the part that they’re not mandatory, you do not have to take a Covid test, you will not be locked down, yet he locked me down because it was clear and apparent that I was being singled out for speaking out.  And yeah, I was locked in my cell for over two weeks, no showers, no food, no heating up my food, I mean, you know, no access to legal calls or phone calls; this is the stuff I’m dealing with and Major Marr, she would respond to her own grievances and cover up, she was part of that; Diehl called her up and she said, yeah, he’s not allowed to come out at all, and so she covered, denied, and then they would forge, they forged documents, and then when you put in subpoenas for these documents, they don’t respond forthwith or in good faith, they don’t give you everything, they hide it.  They hide the documents that you’re looking for and they’re still holding on to a lot.  We got T Campbell, she’s the grievance coordinator, and she hides a lot of grievances or runs cover for a lot of the atrocities that happen to us.  Basically, it’s just a denial of the grievance process, it’s broken here, and this is their way of not dealing with anything. [There’s] Lieutenant Lancaster who pedals drugs here, the other inmates, she tried to get other corporals to plant drugs in people’s cells.  We’ve had corporals come forward and tell us these things, they confide in us, and that’s really telling because I don’t think that they know where to turn, a lot of these men are from Africa and they’re here on visas and they are threatened by the dot here so they just fall in line, and they don’t know where to go or [who to] complain to, and they can understand our strikes; there’s a lot of actual good people that work here, they just try to keep them out of our unit.  [There’s] Jake Johnson who threatened me with hoping that I get stabbed and beat, and you know, saying if she was the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement that I would be dead for sure and that she would really pay me back retribution and I’m a racist, a leader of a racist cult, all sorts of crazy stuff. [We] got Captain Saunders who was a Lieutenant when I was over at South 2 and then she was she was one of the ones that put me on pre-hearing detention telling me that I know what I did when I haven’t received a write up or any formal discipline or anything, I was just getting punitive damages, punitive punishment from her for speaking about what happened to me in South 2, and how my life was put in danger but so she was brought up (promoted) to Captain because that’s how DC works; the more corrupt stuff that you do, the higher position that you get. You got Corporal Hubbard who threatened Mellis, if his PREA had validity to it well they all have the validity to excuse me his grievance was investigated promptly and then to those were looked at and it was found that she made these threats so but this takes over a year of mastery and figuring out who to talk to and how to get things done around here for us to actually get results ,so I I’m glad that Mellis got ??? Hopefully he’ll be able to tell you more about that later.  There’s definitely Warden Landerkin and she’s back over here now in CTF and taking care of this facility and this is where it is, and it’s from the top down, she hates us.  You know she tweeted that all Trump supporters she said on September 11th of 2018 that she can’t wait until white people are all extinct, and all Trump supporters, and we’re going to get what’s coming, all these types of things these this different mentality and she’s part of the Rainbow Mafia.  These are all the people that are part of the Rainbow Mafia and this woke ideology that has been infused into every institution including this one.  Corporal Allen, she’s responsible for not getting me to the court date long time, I’ve almost missed the whole court date because of her; I’ve missed multiple visits because of her. So that’s just a couple of people. We have a list of good CEOs to contact at Congress that we can have Congress get in contact with that I don’t want to mention on the line for that. I don’t want them to be compromised; I want to keep these people for Congress or people that are going to be really doing investigation.  I told you about being locked in the cell; they come in they steal our paperwork, they steal discovery from our cells, like our flash drives or our paperwork. Robinson has been known to do that. They hang on to our legal mail for months, it’s actually affected my court case, my legal case because for three months they held on to legal paperwork. They sent my discovery back to my lawyer. I missed legal visits, they lie and try to cover it up, they’ll forge the log book The lengths they go to here – late to court, almost missed court and the federal defender’s office is complicit in letting information slip through to the prosecutors or working with the prosecutors.  I had the chance to go to trial; they were ill prepared, it was not my fault the trial had to be pushed back but we could have went anyway, they waived my rights without me wanting to waive my rights and so they put me in a predicament where it makes me look like I want to push the court date back when really I don’t.  And especially if she would have let me know that the prosecution didn’t want to go to court because they needed a special witness, which my attorney who is supposed to be looking out for me as a Federal Defender knew about, yet she punted the ball back to the AUSA.  You know, it’s just things that like this that add up, it’s a miscarriage of justice.  So they just could say, ‘oh that’s just one little thing, oh that’s just one little thing’, like all these little things turned lethal when they all add up in a court case.  I’m still receiving discovery to this day so how can they say that it’s my fault for wanting to push my date back when we don’t even have all the discovery.  We don’t even have all the videos still to this day, I still have not seen everything, and that’s a fact. Finding how they’re covering for ??, I’ve found some videos that are going to be really telling about how that you know the FBI DOJ or the AUSA is covering for S and so I’m trying to get to the bottom this. I can show Congress where to look so I’m just going to keep that and not give too much detail but I will say that my First, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and 14th Amendment rights have been violated while in the custody of the Federal government since May 27, 2021. I was recently just denied a prayer with you when you came visit me, David, and with Sherry Hapner, and you guys were threatened that you could not come back and just by the conduct of being peaceful and you know these are the things so I’m denied my First Amendment, right and you know they call it separation of church and state, well I’m sitting here locked up and I should be able to pray with people that want to come, want to come pray for me, and after, I’m okay.  We still cannot go to church. So now they say we have access to the prayers or to church services, religious services, we do not.  They brought someone into our unit and called it religious services, we’re not able to receive communion and it’s completely this woke ideology still and we’re better off doing our Bible studies which we do amongst ourselves in here, but it’d be nice to have the formality of receiving communion.  You know (James) McGrew was able to go to religious services (because he was vaccinated) to an actual church or a chapel, a place of worship and how to formalize (?) but as soon as we’re all able to, then they take that away from us now, not even able to do that. And I was just denied now that we have visits, now they’re making it harder to get to our visits; that was just a nice two-hour visit.  I have a family coming in from California and I’m not going to be able to visit with them for two hours; they live over, you know, 3,000 miles away.  We got phones constantly going out, no access to lawyer calls, and this is the common theme around here, the phones just go off, tablets go off.  You know for weeks at a time and then you make a complaint about it and they’ll turn it back on and they’ll be like oh yeah that never happened and it’s just a constant, constant, constant struggle in here and the list goes on and on and on.  So Congress  -Kevin Kiley, Jim Jordan, Thomas Massie, if you guys are serious, then listen to what I’m saying. we have received, we have documentation and we’re ready to bring this forward and we want to see real change not for us, but for everybody, but this is a, this is a miscarriage of justice here and basically, I’m going to wrap it up there, and I appreciate your time. Thanks for letting me follow up.

DV: Sean, we appreciate you speaking up and letting us know what’s been going on in there, man we really appreciate that, the world needs to know, and we got to get the message out so..

SM: absolutely. And you’ve been instrumental in getting the message out and I appreciate it, David, thank you.

DV: Thank you, Sean, you have a great day, we’ll see you later.

DV: all right guys so there you have it now that is Sean’s message to the j6 Judiciary Committee we’ll be playing that tonight during the vigil for everybody to hear and then we’ll clip out his first part in the second part together and we will share that out so we will see you all here in a little while thank you guys for jumping on and hearing you know what he had to say and we’ll see you here in a little while. Thank you, guys. Freedom Warriors out