Freedom Voice with Andrew Taake

Andrew Taake talks to David & Tommy Tatum about his Medical Issues for the last 19 months. He is now asking for the Public’s help to get his story to Congressmen & Representatives.

I am like so many others wrapped up in this debacle. Normal red blooded American with a great love for this country. 34 year old, business owner who enjoys staying active with weight lifting and skydiving, among other things. I know we are in the biggest legal battle of most of our lives here, but I am having another battle that is beyond my ability to fight. I am facing the amazing, unreproachable power of a prison doctor. A doctor who essentially answers to no one. A doctor who refuses to treat a simple hormone imbalance the same way every other doctor I have had, or talked to, treats the issue. I have gone through every avenue available to me so far, and some multiple times. I have gone through the grievance process, I have gone to the court, have had things adjusted at other facilities to come back and have them returned to the improper way of before, and am now taking the issue back to the court to try to get some relief again. I am not asking for anything out of the possible or approved for the BOP. I am asking for equal treatment that is given to others.

This woke federal machine has approved treatments for trans people to include hormone treatments, and even “sex change” operations to aleviate mental problems.  My medical necessity for hormone treatments is not equal to a man that thinks he can be a woman, evidentially. My body degrading every day due to the mistreatment of this condition is not enough to warrant the proper treatment; treatment that follows the accepted standard of care for a majority of experts in the field. I ask that those with oversight of the BOP, and or those looking into January 6th, raise this issue not just for me, but for the betterment of ALL being detained by the BOP. Being held pre-trial as an innocent person does not give an agency the right to just deny or improperly treat a diagnosed condition a person had from before their detainment. Please, help bring light to this trying situation. Thank you and God Bless

Andrew Taake