Journey of Freedom Express Media

The beginning of this amazing mission for freedom started on that very day of January 6th 2021. I went to Washington DC to stand up for our country due to the many issues that have been taking place. What I saw and learned that day confirmed everything I needed to know about how bad things really are in our country. I could not believe the things I seen taking place that day. The truth will come out and I will do everything I can to help expose the truth for all of our J6 Political Prisoners. I started growing a group on Facebook to help share the latest updates of the things happening in the USA. The day before The Peoples Convoy was headed through Ohio I decided I’m going to leave my job and go! I had been waiting for someone, anyone to stand up so I could and would be able to do something to stand up also. I knew I had to go! I travelled around the beltway with TPC several times. I travelled back and forth between Hagerstown and my hometown of Wilmington, Ohio a few times before I decided to travel across the country with TPC to Sacramento California. I was disappointed when my funds got short and I had to head home. Thanks to the leadership of the TPC and WYSIWYG I was able to come up with the funds to make it home. I convoyed at the Michigan State University to protest Fauci as he spoke at the Michigan State University Graduation ceremony. I convoyed with the Ohio Convoy around the capital with over a hundred vehicles. I headed back to Hagerstown as we were told we were going into DC. We were all very disappointed when that never happened. From that point the 1776 RM was formed with the strongest of the strongest freedom fighters I have ever met! There have been so many amazing moments during this year that cannot be explained with words. I went home that night so disappointed and went back to work for 1 month. I felt lost like I wasn’t where I needed to be. I bought a vinyl cutter to be able to cut custom decals to help pay for my mission and be able to stay with the 1776RM and headed to Bunker Hill to trust God and let him lead the way! During this month of working at home I spent my time while not working to start a TikTok to help spread the message to stand for freedom. That is how Freedom Express Media was started. It grew very quickly and had almost 10000 followers. On July 4th I travelled with the 1776 RM to DC and slowed the traffic around the beltway in four different locations at the same time to get noticed and help get our message out! July 6th we convoyed our way to the National Mall in Washington DC. The first morning there they brought 70 some odd officers to arrest David Ridell (Convoy Santa) the leader of the 1776 RM. That didn’t chase us away. We camped out there at the Mall for 34 days. During this time, I had posted a video of us stopping on the beltway in DC. TikTok banned me, so that’s when I started using my YouTube channel to livestream what was taking place there at the National Mall. I amazingly had an instant family of supporters and several that purchased decals that helped jumpstart this freedom mission. At the beginning of August I learned of a vigil that was being started outside of the DC Jail with Ashli Babbitts mom, Momma Micki Witthoeft (, Randy Ireland (, Justin Johnson (, 1791stormtrooperNebraska PatriotGlorybeeMagAmericanBuffaloMan 11,  and many others. I was fortunate enough to have a camper that I was able to bring down and go from campground to campground to stay in the area to continue this mission. I continued to go to the J6 Vigil every night and be a part of what was taking place because I feel very strongly that the constitutional rights have been taken away from these J6ers. They were being abused and treated in such despicable ways I had to find a way to stay and fight for them. Thanks to God and all of the Freedom Loving Patriots that have supported me along this road. I have been able to stay with no need of anything. I have been blessed beyond measure which I will be forever grateful for. Since the end of July 2022 when I started with the YouTube channel, Freedom Express Media has continued to add and grow on several different livestream platforms and social media platforms. I started a website to help sell custom decals and banners to help support this mission. The website ( has continued to grow into a very informative wave of information about J6 and the truth about what these patriots have had to endure. I remember when I found out about Ashli Babbitt and how she was murdered in cold blood by officer Micheal Byrd while not even being armed. This has affected me in a way that I cannot explain. I have since learned that Ashli Babbitt is not the only one that was killed that day at the hands of the capital police! No officers were killed but four American heroes (Ashli Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, and Benjamin Phillips) were killed at the hands of the Capital Police, why for what? Not one officer was killed that day, Officer Brian Sicknick passed away the following day due to the neglect of the capital police not providing him with the medical support that he needed. Why were those nefarious actors breaking windows and encouraging Trump Supporters to go in? Why were there people going through the crowd saying they killed her long before anyone died that day? Why was Ray Epps a part of the first breach and the second breach? Why have over a thousand Trump supporters been prosecuted when the ones that began the breach and encouraged others to go in and push through have been erased from the FBI person of interest list? No charges for them, they have disappeared into thin air. After seeing these things and hearing what these guys have been through, I knew I had to stay and do anything I can do to help give a voice for these Political Prisoners, bring awareness as to what is taking place in our country, and continue to make an impact anywhere that I may be able too. I believe We The People must stand up and Be The People! God has continued to provide and bless me in this mission. I have been provided with a great place to stay while I have been here since I took my camper back home. Thank You to these wonderful people that have provided this to me. This mission is growing with a volunteer to help with the website (Debby). She has a very critical role in this mission! We have been working together to put as much about J6 together in one place for all to be able to locate and share with the world. The Chinese Americans that have been coming to the vigils, starting with Rabecca  (wethepeoplmaga见证历史分享美好), are absolutely amazing people! I believe this is only the beginning of what Freedom Express Media is going to grow to be. We are praying that God will move in this country and give justice to these Political Prisoners and anyone who has been unjustly imprisoned and treated in a way that violates their rights. The corruption is running wild and we need to stand up against it. I am looking forward to another amazing year going forward. We will continue to press forward and try to show anything we can to expose the truth. Freedom is worth dying for. Many veterans lost their lives for the freedoms that we take for granite today! If we don’t get it right, our children and their children may never know what true freedom really is! I believe we are in a crucial time in our country. What we do today will affect our tomorrow! I want to thank God and everyone for all the support that you have all given! I have to admit I have no idea what I am doing I am just doing it as God guides my steps. Without God I would not be here. It wasn’t until I let go and let God that everything began to work in ways that I never imagined. I promise to all of you that I will continue this mission to the best of my ability! We will continue to expose and share the messages of the injustices that are taking place with J6 and what is taking place in our country! Thank You

David Valentine