Andrew Taake latest email after his court hearing:

Mass email to update everyone on the court hearing for the medical issues from 4-27-23

Judge gave NO relief on anything. We did not have the necessary medical opinion of a doctor like I tried to get the attorney and my family to get. Without that, the judge said he would only take the current POS doctor’s opinion over mine, even though his own (infrequent and inadequate) blood testing shows he is not doing it correctly. I fought to get the lawyer and my mother to get a doctor to look at the records to write an opinion as to why this doctor is treating me incorrectly, but that did not come to fruition. Judge seemed to brush off the fact that this place actually injected me with a transgender’s estrogen, or he at least did not make a comment about it. Hopefully he realizes just how serious of an issue that injecting a man with female hormones is. The attorney is supposed to actually be securing a doctor asap to meet with me on video call and go over my records to write up report on how I am being treated inappropriately…but we will see how soon that happens, if at all.
Judge does seem annoyed, and kind of hinted that it would be in my best interest to settle the criminal case asap…but he didn’t hint enough for me to feel 100% certain that he will actually sentence me to some very short sentence to get me home soon. Lawyer thinks that is what he is saying in between the lines, but I am not reading it that way exactly. I do not want to rush into some plea deal thinking I will get my treatment on my own out there…and then end up with a lengthy sentence, AND no proper medical treatment.

If anyone has any medical doctor that they have a relationship with that would care to make some $ for a quick meeting and writing of a report, please give me their contact info, or have them contact Michael Lawlor or Nick Madiou at 301-474-0044 and get set up with my attorney.

This will take some praying, as well as the lawyer to find a medical professional that willl write up a report on this for me to read these tea leaves properly. Thank you for everyone’s support in helping me deal with the mental anguish brought on by dealing with this issue on top of everything else we are all going through.

God Bless you all
andrew Taake