Trump Supporters Now Need Your Help…    

Joe McCoy raises his arms in praise of the Trump sign his stepson Brian Bales created on his property on Rt. 107 in Pittsfield, N.H, August, 8, 2016.

The biggest Trump sign in New Hampshire hit the News, was then well known and well loved. Then, just 2 weeks later, the Pittsfield, N.H. Town Select Board Members, who (Claimed to be Republican Trump supporters to get elected) told The McCoy’s –  (Due To Complaints, Remove Trump, or, pay their $500 per day fine). Joe McCoy, on disability who only gets 802.00 a month, disabled with a metal rod, implanted in his leg, from hip to ankle, and dealing with colon cancer started to empty their trailer with his wife Linda, or, pay a $500 per day fine? The McCoy’s had no choice. Joe could no longer work. Their 52 foot Trump trailer, full, with 1000’s of items inside, bins and boxes full,  they bought to sell at their garage sales to help pay bills, property taxes, and survive on, they donated 19 truck loads, to the town church and  scouts to help them, and they thanked the McCoy’s from the bottom of their hearts. The McCoy’s lost their future and have been struggling ever since. Then a lawsuit was filed once the facts were known. The town admitted in writing, (They never saw the complaints, had no idea who or where they came from), but (Claimed it was not about Trump ?), THEY LIED! and, by law, had violated the McCoy’s freedom of speech. More evidence came, the town lied in depositions, affidavits, refused to answer his filed right to know, and Joe found emails the town shared with their lawyer and others concerning his right to know and Joe did not know until recently. Joe proved there were 100’s of other trailers in town illegally, including board members and defendants, and a document from the town saying (Trailers were all over the place and illegally), and, (Those were not on their agenda) during a town meeting. So, the town forced Trump out of town and everyone else lived nicely with their storage trailers and items. The NH District Judge, in a hearing said, due to the merit McCoy proved, the fake complaints, all the trailers McCoy showed and proved were still there illegally, and other facts presented, this case moves forward, then 2 months later he dismissed the lawsuit, and sided with the town, claiming my lawyer failed to do some legal filings and was late doing so in which the town pressed their judge to rule with them and let’s end this lawsuit, and he did, he ignored the merit he spoke so loud on, and then, after looking into who he was he was found to know the town, practiced in the town, and he mentioned this at a hearing,  and had family who were friends with a defendant, he should have recused himself, but then his buddies would be locked up. The McCoy’s appealed, and those judges did not follow their rules of law. They said, the plaintiff did not prove the complaints, even though the town admitted there were none proved,  Then a board member wrote a letter the appeals judges saw, read,  and used also, He mentioned the fake complaints which were ignored by those judges,  then in his letter he wrote, All Board Members were Republicans, Trump supporters,  and (He wore a MAGA HAT ), by law, that was hearsay and those judges dismissed my appeal acting on that letter they stated in their decisions,  and violated their oath of office. The McCoy’s were broke, and could not find or afford a lawyer to file to the U.S. Supreme Court, and are now worse off then before, and need your donations to help them, they will not be silenced, they are going after the corruptions involved on all levels, and if they can make it happen they will buy another 52 foot trailer and Trump will go right back on their property, and if the swamp comes again, too bad, No one and nothing will make them remove TRUMP, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,  he will stay, and they will be ALL ON BOARD to help Trump get back in our white house where he belongs, and is big time needed now, so, donate what ever you can, and lets get Trump , and the McCoy’s where they need to belong, They fight for America ! God Bless America.

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Note: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the display of political and other types of signs on residential property is a unique, important, and protected means of communication and towns cannot restrict the display of such signs.