Bringing you truth about J6 and daily events in the District of Columbia. Calling for America to unite for the benefit of the great people of this country!


I come from a small town in southwest Ohio. I have witnessed corruption at so many levels throughout my lifetime. It has affected me to the point that I knew something had to be done. I waited and sat by the wayside for far too long. When I found out The People’s Convoy was headed through my State to go to DC, I felt that this was my opportunity to do something. I left my job and family to go stand for freedom and against the corruption that has taken over our Country. I will not consent to this any longer. I fear that our children will not have a chance to know the Country I once grew up in.
In July of 2022, I decided to trust God and let him guide my steps in this mission to save this Country that was founded on Godly principles. I began Freedom Express Media to start spreading the message of the injustices that our Country is witnessing and to provide income to be able to fund this mission. God has blessed me to be able to continue and I look forward to expanding and spreading the message far and wide to help the American people to understand exactly what is taking place. I invite everyone to become freedom warriors and help in this mission. I ask that you keep me in your prayers first and foremost. If you are able to help grow our freedom family in any way by praying, purchasing our custom-made decals or by making a donation, I greatly appreciate it and happily accept you as part of this family of freedom warriors that has now become a huge part of my life and family!