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Tim Rivers interview with the Eagle’s Nest Team

Tim Rivers (J6 Patriot News/American Gulag) For the Tamera Scott Show Interviews the Eagle’s Nest [...]

Violation of the 12th Amendment to allow a fraudulent election

Watch the evidence of the 12th amendment being violated! Mike Pence let the USA down [...]

Rep. Jasmine Crockett knows about Roseanne Boylands’ Murder!

Watch as we catch Jasmine completely ignore the fact that she was made aware of [...]

Officer Rashida took his own life after January 6th

WATCH AND LISTEN to this M5 NEWS EXCLUSIVE. Full BWC of MPDC Officer Hashida who [...]

J6 Flag- A Tribute Flag

This is a tribute flag to honor both those whose lives were lost and those [...]

James McGrew- A Letter to America

James McGrew – Letter to America from Shane Jenkins on Vimeo.   Posted by Shane [...]